Day 89   July 22nd – Wrapping up 2nd week in BP!

Building facade Buda side

After texting with a friend about the thermal baths here in Buda, we decided we should at least take a look at one!  So, those at Hotel Gellert got selected.  The Gellert spa us said to be one of the biggest natural spring water bath complexes in Central Eastern Europe!  We did not plan to actually go in today but just checking it out!
Grand Hall for entering spa & outside pool
Thermal pools inside

Outside statue and Grand Hall beautiful wall & floor mosaics.

Budapest has a long history of thermal bathing.  There are several you can choose from so it comes down to which suits your needs and perhaps convenience of location.

For us, Gellert seemed the closest one and we’d heard good things.

Did a little more exploring in the area before heading back.  Things always seem a little quieter on the Buda side on weekends.  

Found a fountain in front of Hotel Gellert. The drinking fountain in front of the hotel on Gellért Square has been providing water since 2004. It’s not spring water though just tap water – but it still comes handy on a sweltering day.  Lots of people were filling their water bottles today, rather humid & warm after some rain in morning.
Took Freedom Bridge back and returned on Vaci, stopping long enough to check the price on a beautiful silk rug I’d seen in a window one evening!! (Just dreaming!)

Freedom Bridge & interesting buildings near Vaci Utca
Nice easy day.  Tomorrow will be a busy one!


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An aquarian that loves to travel, learn about other cultures and face new challenges!

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